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Draconia / Mar 28, 2013
The Andromeda Guild has officially been re-born! We can be found on the Andromeda Server, as members of the Royal Guard. Whisper or email me in-game for an invite. If I'm not on at the time you can message me here to arrange a time when we can meet in-game. I look forward to seeing everyone, and to making Andromeda one of the greatest guilds in Scarlet Blade!

Guild Master / Founder
Draconia / Mar 26, 2013
Scarlet Blade Closed Beta has officially ended. Aeria has not announced just when Open Beta will begin, but be sure that I will be watching for it, and will be among the first to get on and start working toward forming the Andromeda Guild.

Please keep in mind that, unless there are objections, we will be forming on the Andromeda server as Royal Guards.

Be sure to check back here for updates. You can even even pre-apply to join us if you like!



Guild Master, Founder
Draconia / Mar 25, 2013
The announcement was made today (3/25)... Closed Beta ENDS TOMORROW, 3/26 @ 6:30 PST

Not to fret! Andromeda will be re-formed on the Andromeda Server (assuming there IS a new server called Andromeda) as soon as possible after Open Beta Starts.

Also, PLEASE help me retain our membership by getting as many current members registered here as possible!

Finally, thanks to everyone that has been helping with recruiting and administering the guild through CB!